Affirmation, Gratitude and Dancing

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) give myself permission to be free of guilt today. It feels as if my whole life I have been guilty for enjoying what I like. So today I claim that it is good to enjoy what I like. I commit to helping myself make my dreams come true as well as helping my friends and loved ones to accomplish becoming their most enlightened selves. The more I realize my true value the more I am able to see the infinite value each soul brings to our world. It is my most important job every day to allow myself to take actions that inspire my heart, to fill me with a sense of purpose and to accept that I am valuable. I am valuable. I am acceptable. I am important. I am dream come true to the creator of all. So today I value me as if I was the most enlightened being ever created and I feel safe. Thank you for finding your safe place today. Thank you for embracing you strengths. I Love You.  :~)  

an image of a bowl of cookie dough the dough is a deep carmel brown the bowl is white on the inside and red on the outside, the dough is sitting on a black barbecue with green grass in the background
Piparkukas “Pepper Cookies” a Latvian Tradition as my husband’s parents were displaced persons from Latvia during WWll. So Robert’s mom Vija taught me how to make these. <3 i will find the recipe and post it soon

The image below is of piparkukas (pepper cookies) made by me for Robert’s mom Vija and the whole family. heart emoticon I will post an image of the cookies soon.

Today I am grateful for Asrael Zemenick helping me complete a goal I have had for a long time, finding out what blood type I am, as a few months ago I found a blood type test on sale at a health food store while we were traveling in Port Angeles called Country Aire however then I was scared to try and administer the test all by myself so when I was telling my friend Asrael Zemenick, while she was massaging me with hot oil, about my fear of doing the test by myself, as I thought I might ruin the results because I had never done a test like this before, Asrael said “she would help me with the test” so the day before my 51st birthday I found out that my blood type is O+, Gratitude Dance, for embracing my role at Robert Cerins Designs Inc. as marketer, web designer, assembly person and enjoyer of it all. and for the wonderful holiday season we are having at the art & craft fairs in Qualicum, Victoria and Duncan Farmers Market where we shall be for the next two saturdays. Thank you for embracing the role you haven chosen to play. Thank you for being gentle with yourself today. I love You.  :~)


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