Affirmation, Gratitude and Celebrate!

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) spend time appreciating me by doing some mirror work. I find a comfortable place to sit and put a mirror in front of my face looking deeply into my eyes and say I love you, I do my best every day, I am worthy of love and appreciation. I practice appreciating me in every moment of the day. I commit to being nice to me today to repeating nourishing words, phrases and sentences so that I create a feeling of appreciation and connectedness to my loving source. I am a great cook. I love to prepare for community events. I enjoy entertaining people with happiness, dancing and singing. I practice enjoying everything I am doing all day long. When I am cleaning I appreciate my home. While I am driving I marvel at the beauty of the cars and the humans driving them. I can even make shoveling manure a fun event. I am the master of my days and a student of life. Thank you for sharing your time with me. Thank you for sharing your creative and caring self with me. I Love You. ♥ :~)
Today I am grateful for a day spent yesterday with Assuma Robert Cerins‘ godmother driving her to Parksville to meet up with old friends and what interesting friends she had, Al created a community plan for Parksville with much information collected from the residents, (we have a copy of the plan to share with our area directors) and his wife Vivian created an amazing lunch for us to share, for the interesting people I share this planet with, and for this weekends events at the Inspire Shawingan Art Gallery, tonight there is an art show and tomorrow we are having a street festival to honor our precious relationship with water. We hope you can join us in the fun. Thank you for your precious time. Thank you for sharing your amazing and loving self with me. I Love You! ♥ :~)
A flyer for a weekend event in Shawnigan Lake at Inspire Shawnigan Art Gallery and Street Festival
Please join us for a evening of artful conversations and a day of creating smiles, art and connections. :~)

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