Affirmation, Gratitude and Wonder

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) spend this day in a state of wonder. I wonder how I can love better. I marvel at the beauty in your eyes. I am curious about the emotions in your expressions. I am astonished at the bravery of the human will. I am surprised by the loving nature of the human species. I am in awe at the resilience of the hearts that beat for love in our chests every second of our lives. I am fascinated by the connections I make in this life be they in person or virtually. It amazes me at all the things I wonder about. Today I choose to wonder about events, people and nature that inspires hope in my soul and delight in my heart.
Today I am grateful for all the wonderful birthday wishes I received from facebook friends (I am answering each one so if I have not thanked you yet I will get to you, I promise), for incarnating in a place that allows me to experience love, appreciation, fear, sadness, joy, gratitude and faith, and for getting so much feedback on how much people are enjoying my writing and musing on how I perceive life. Thank you for giving me time out of your day. Thank you for sharing your perfect kindnesses with me. I Love You.
An abstract vision of an earthen home in a whimsical atmosphere of light.  The colours are oranges, blues, yellows and a bit of red and black.
Having a home surrounded by earth, light and love is what all hearts long for safety. :~)

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