Affirmation, Gratitude and Patience

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) believe that patience is a skill that can be honed just as playing the piano is a learnable skill. To be the happiest person on the planet is my goal. I also believe that happiness is a teachable concept. As happiness is created in my being by thinking thoughts that give me hope, speaking about me as a worthy person and realizing that I am spiritual being having a human experience. I also believe that I can tame my emotional self so that when I have a feeling I can then decide what I choose to do with my feeling; I could act on my emotion in the instant or I can take a few deep breaths to slow my thoughts, heart and actions so that I respond to my emotions with forethought and compassion. My favourite thing to do with my emotions is to pay attention to them, listen to them and act in the best interests of all concerned.


Today I am grateful for the opportunity to share and practice the concepts taught in Compassionate Communication by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, as I believe that my behaviours, actions, thoughts, words and attitudes effect each and every aspect of my life, for getting to reap the benefits of the goodwill and smiles from my community because of my commitment to practicing being kind, considerate, cooperative and joyful and for a wonderful comment I got on my HappinessHeal blog on WordPress this morning, where I post this gratitude and an affirmation too, as I felt heard on my blog! Gratitude Dance. :~) ♥

an image of a painting that has an adobe building in the background and a big green plant in the foreground
A winter spent in Sayulita, Mexico fills my memories with joy. :~)

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