Affirmation, Gratitude and Self Esteem

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) have realized that part of having healthy self esteem comes from knowing what I will do and what if I do, comprises my spirit. For many years after the death of my father I was so shattered, that I did things I did not enjoy, to gain the attention of other people, especially men, then I would be angry at me. So I am grateful now that I am able to nurture my own soul. That I am capable of choosing to hang out with people who are capable of being responsible for their actions. That I am able to resist peer pressure about my choices, diet or beliefs so that I nurture myself the best way I know how. I am now able to be myself, to be kind to everyone, knowing everyone is challenged to be themselves, to be loving just for the satisfaction of being loving. I allow myself to see the innocent child that lives in every heart. I honour myself with time, attention and compassion and I blossom into my kindest self.

Today I am grateful for listening to Carolyn Myss’s book on tape ( as it is confirming what I believe, that loving myself, valuing myself and believing in me, is important to having happiness in my life, for realizing the best way to gain self esteem is to challenge myself to improve any aspect of me, I can stick to an exercise routine, or leave out the gluten, or take a class, or take care of one of my core needs or read a book that helps me stay centred or tell myself daily that I approve of me or take myself on a date or whatever it is that my spirit longs to do, so that I feel connected to source energy and for taking small steps daily toward my goal of cheering up the planet. Thank you for witnessing my words today. Thank you for inspiring my heart with you attention. I Love You.  :~)

An image of a guitar and an amp cut out of aluminium and then painted whimsically, colourfully and beautifully.
My guitar and amp are tools, friends and fun.

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