Affirmation, Gratitude and Self Promotion

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) have decided that today is a good day to be kind to me. I honour myself with patience, acceptance and approval. I have come to realize that even with all my flaws, I am loveable, worthy and acceptable to me and the only person I need to please 100% is me (also it is the only person I am able to please 100%). So today I am friendly so that I am emote a vibration of calmness for the world to experience and so that I am content with myself. I bring an attitude of gratitude for all I have, to all I do so that I am creating from a space of safety. I stay focused on kindness so that each action I take is from an energy of cooperation, compassion and useful service. I laugh when I make a mistake and say job security as now there is something new for me to repair. I take myself lightly and I feel safe. Thank you for joining me in joy today. Thank you for uplifting my heart with your heart. I Love You. :~)
Today I am grateful for Brendan Nyhan of as I now have my laptop back, and it is running like a top, so connect with Brendan if you have computer issues in the Cowichan Valley, for getting to have Thanksgiving dinner with a one year old who really knew how to get the cake all over herself, observing her experiencing the feeling of icing and cake between her fingers for the first time was a truly joyous moment and for getting my ad done for the Ridge Talk paper at Arbutus Ridge as I am promoting myself for the first time with an ad, it feels good to transform my income producing self to being a Holistic Healer. Thank you for being here with me now. Thank you for sharing your passion with me. I Love You. :~)
A striking image of two eyes in the colours of blues and whites with lots of openness.
Look deeply into your eyes and say I Love You, I accept you. I respect you. I Love You. 3rd Eye Candy reminds us to love ourselves. :~)

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