Affirmation, Gratitude and Self Worth

Today’s Affirmation, I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) realize that I am as worthy or unworthy as I think or feel. My worth as a child was dependent upon the self worth of the people who raised me, as every time my mom or dad felt fear or overwhelming emotion so did I as a child and on occasion I would feel responsible for their discomfort, thinking that I was the cause of their pain. Now that I am more aware of how the human brain and emotional body interplay, I realize that my parents made a choice every day about how to perceive their surroundings, whether they knew it or not. So today I have chosen that I am worthy, that my words are capable of encouraging the open hearts of my earthly brothers and sisters and that my experience is able to benefit others.

Today I am grateful for being able to start new healthier habits and release habits that weigh me down, as I am a creature of habits so I make sure to create life sustaining habits that bring calm to my core, for understanding that I am the only person responsible for making my days joyful, as it is the response to my emotions or thoughts I think repeatedly about, that cause me to be happy and for getting to share my healing energy through my aura, vibe, touch or presence with every heart that beats. Thank you for your presence here today. Thank you for sharing your wise heart with me. I Love You.  :~)

A cup sitting on a table with a spoon in it.  :~)
Getting to have Coconut Bliss in my coffee is like have a white christmas in my coffee cup. :~)

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