Affirmation, Gratitude and Messes

Today’s Affirmation; Every action I take, every thought I think and every feeling I emote become part of the collective consciousness of all beings, so today I make it my responsibility it emote peace, calmness and patience for all consciousness to draw from. My journey to joy has lead me through many books about the human condition which all tell me the same truth in many ways, the only aspect of life I may have power over is me, when I am able to be responsible for my actions, thoughts and words I am empowered and when I am able to take the events of my day lightly I am then enlightened. So today I expect myself and others to make mistakes, then when mistakes happen I am relaxed and ready to clean up the messes with a joyful heart and steady hands. I live as an innocent child delighted by messiness, gravity, flowers and smiles and all consciousness rejoices.


Today I am grateful for humor, as it makes all I do easier, more fun and at any time I am able to laugh at myself, which causes all stress to dissipate as the sun clears the morning fog from the water, for the wonderful people that fill my life with energy, inspiration and connection as without friends I would have no one to identify with and for getting to end the year with sharing a healing session and beginning the year with sharing a healing session and my healing rampage is in full swing as I get to share a session of relaxing reflexology today as well, Woo Hoo. Thank you for joyfully cleaning up your messes. Thank you for sharing your messes with me. I Love You. :~)
an image of a room with a dor that leads to the beach where all hearts are cleansed
Cleaning up our messes joyfully makes the whole world feel better. :~)

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