Affirmation, Gratitude and Food Is My Medicine

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) am blessed to trust that I am a spiritual being having a physical experience. I get to experiment with one human life that is mine. I get to speak to me kindly even when I make a mistake. I love my ever changing body. I get to smell rain. I get to see, what I already comprehend. I allow consciousness to guide me to my inner sense of joy. I explore words that tickle my inner child to laugh. I entice me to find some time to listen to my heart today. I nap when I need to and I create when I need to then I feel nurtured. I breathe in the calmness of the tree DNA that exists in my cells as well as the human emotion DNA that exists in my heart and I get to find the perfect place in myself to balance my spiritual essence. I embrace the wisdom that is coded in my DNA and I feel safe. 


Today I am grateful for having faith in my ability to heal myself through diet, herbs, Asea and patience (as after I got my gold crown, my tooth was a bit sore which I thought was normal, however it got more painful, until when I put my finger in my mouth last Thursday morning, I felt my tooth had a small abscess on it. So I went to the dentist and he gave me a prescription for some antibiotics, so I thought I get until tomorrow morning to see if I can effect healing in my tooth without the antibiotic and in the morning it was much smaller as I could feel loose skin where the largest part of the abscess had been, so I succeeded. Today is day 5 my tooth pain is almost gone and I feel empowered to be healing my abscess with a Ketogenic diet, as carbs feed infection, eating local garlic from Alderlea Farm, hot peppers from Mobetta Herbs and ginger from Hawaii, as well as cloves and frankincense from the Community Farm Store, my abscess is totally gone and has been for two days already) for giving myself the time to take two naps this weekend one each afternoon as with all the healing going on in my body it needed some extra rest to flourish and for helping a friend sell her 1991 Isuzu Trooper as my Grandpa was a used car salesman so I have that in my blood. LOL I live to be helpful. Thank you for contributing to the people in your world. Thank you for caring for your sacred body temple. I Love You.  :~)

a pair of earrings that remind me of the beach as there is some golden colours, some blues that are like a summer sky and a door to another world
“Original Art To Wear” designed by Robert Cerins.

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