Affirmation, Gratitude and Visualization

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) prepare for this day by expecting good things to happen for me. I visualize me accomplishing my goals of having written a book, speaking in front of large audiences and making money with my brain instead of my brawn. I am present to the blessings of this moment which sends a vibration of joy throughout the entire Universe for all of consciousness to feel. I contribute thought by thought to my present, my future and the collective well being of all consciousness. Every moment of my life I am emoting an energy, vibration or aura that all beings witness so I choose to emote love, kindness, humour, compassion, and peace for all to feel. I am a co-creator of my world so today I choose to feel happy for bird sounds, dog licks, babies, elders, sunsets, messes to clean up, hugs to be given and received, sorrows to be felt, apologizes to be made and for the amends that I have made. 

Today I am grateful for knowing that this too shall pass, as everything in this world is temporary, so I do my best to savour all of life, to surrender to the joy, the pain, to the repetitive tasks of life as if it is all just exactly as I choose it to be, for my new commitment to exercising so that every year I continue to feel better, healthier, stronger, more invigorated and better able to contribute to the health of my world and for my willingness to change my mind and perceptions so that my reticular activating system is always on the look out for joy, abundance, kindness, peace and delight. Thank you for your precious time and attention. Thank you for emoting joy today. I Love You. ♥ :~)

a whimsical image of a baly laying in a crib with a light bulb hanging over the crib the colours are soft pinks, blues, yellow and white.
New babies bring, joy, blessings, changes and visions. :~)

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