Affirmation, Gratitude and Pink

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) have an opportunity today to shine like the sun radiating, kindness, compassion and joy for all open hearts to draw from. Every day I have another chance to contribute constructive energy into the well of universal consciousness, so today I pitch in some smiles, a few heart warming belly laughs, a helping hand and an openness to learn from the experiences of others, so the my earthly journey is as smooth as possible. I invest in my spiritual bank account, that is free from market fluctuations, interest rates and bank CEOs. I invest in my spiritual account, through my time spent of being useful service to my family, community and universe. I add energy to my account with each smile I share or kindness given and received in appreciation.

Today I am grateful for getting to share in Sarah Wilson‘s Birthday celebration, there was music, laughter, great food, love and a feeling of containment and community in the air that was precious, for just beginning to realize the rewards of eating and making homemade sauerkraut, as the benefits for my gut flora, digestion and total well being are increasing with each batch I create and for the heart felt warmth I receive with each affirmation and gratitude I write, sharing my vibration of compassion, care and kindness out for all to share in. Thank you for helping me make a deposit of joy into universal consciousness today. Thank you for sharing your truth.   I Love You.  :~)

An image of a guitar in the background with a wine glass, vase and table in the foreground. The colours are pink, black, golden yellows, blues and white.
An image of a guitar in the background with a wine glass, vase and table in the foreground. Music is as important to my soul as is water. :~)

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