Affirmation, Gratitude and My Needs

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) choose to care for me first today. In the past I have put the needs of my partners or parents first however I have learned that is a sure way to burnout and resentment. In the present I shall pay attention to me, my needs and my emotional state. When I am feeling overwhelmed it is ok or even good for me to ask for help so that I feel safe. When I value my needs and emotions I draw to me other people who value their needs and emotions and also my needs and my emotions. The more I value me, the more I listen to my needs and emotions. At the times when I pay attention to my needs and emotions my life flows smoothly and I feel connected to myself and source energy. In the times I get glimpses of being connected to myself and source it inspires me to stay the course of loving me, listening to me and approving of me. Thank you for joining me today. Thank you for valuing yourself today, I value you. I Love YOU.  :~)

an image with the blue sky in the background with just a bit of whit clouds and a street sign that is blue on a metal post that reads Self-Worth with and arrow pointing to the right-hand side of the computer screen
The more I follow the signs to my own self worth, the more empowered, enlightened and inspired I feel. :~)

Today I am grateful for getting to go play all day with Robert Cerins and Sarah Wilson at the Rifflandia festival today, then before the festival we may go thrift store shopping and art supply shopping so it is a day of relaxing and resupplying, for waking up with no neck pain after two nights of sleeping in my own bed, HOORAY and for being healthy enough to dance the day away (after a life time of watching my mom be really ill I am grateful everyday that I am able to move in a normal fashion at the age of 51 years and 10 months old at this age my mom had leg braces and could not walk at a normal pace) so today I dance for my mom, myself and just for the pure childlike joy of dancing. Thank you for connecting with me today. Thank you for dancing the next chance you get. I Love You. <3 :~)
The chance to see Michael Franti is why we are going to Rifflandia!

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