Our Water Distiller

Woo Hoo! This is an image of our new water distiller! It feels soothing to drink distilled water!

It has been a dream in our family to get a water distiller. So last week Robert went to Triangle Health Products store in Victoria, BC. Here is a link to the exact water distiller we purchased at Triangle. https://www.trianglehealing.com/household-items/water-treatment/distillers/megahome-water-distiller-white-enamel-glass-carafe.html

Distilling water is a great way to rid the water we drink of impurities. Distilled water is water that has been transformed. As water is liquid, then the distiller boils the water to create steam (a true transformation) then the distiller turns the steam back to water (transformed once again)! It feels refreshing to my body, the crisp clean feeling and taste of distilled water. The best way to care for my body is to make sure the water my body absorbs is of the highest quality. Tap water has many impurities and then there are many more chemicals added to make sure the water is potable. 

Here is a link that speaks to the toxins in just one city in Canada, Victoria, BC where some of the chemicals put in the water are bleach and ammonia. https://www.trianglehealing.com/index.php/vic_drinking_water/?___store=default 

It makes me wonder what all the bleach, ammonia and other chemicals do to our microbiome? I would love to hear your ideas on this topic. 

It is my goal to provide links and facts to all that I report here. 

Blessings, Thank you for being here with me today. I Love YOU!

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