Affirmation, Gratitude and Death

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) have as one of my goals, to deal with grief gracefully as the people I love pass on one by one. I want to live to be really old so I am doing my best to love when people die just as I love when people are born. When children are born we have a before birth party for the new person who is on their way into the physical world, to welcome them into the world of contrast, emotion and physicality. We are joyous and celebratory and that is how I want to be about death too. Death is a constant in life just like breathing and eating. I am learning to grieve with joy, with acceptance and with gratitude (that it was not me yet, hahahahaha as I am planning on being late even to my own death). Death is natural, death is normal, death is a graduation back home where there is only light, peace and unity. We are truly out of school, home on vacation to recoup our true self before incarnating again for the next learning and loving experience. I choose to rejoice death as I rejoice in life, freely, openly and acceptingly.
Today I am grateful for my step father Don as he cares for my mom every day, he dresses her, he makes her meals, he takes her to the doctor, he takes her to dinner, to the movies and sometimes to Cirque de Soleil in Las Vegas when she goes to the doctor, my mom is blessed to have married a man who is her husband and caregiver and so am I, for finding my passport (Gratitude Dance) as I was cleaning out a desk drawer saw the end of the dark blue passport coloured paper and thought there is one of Robert’s old passports and then low and behold as I turned it over and saw it was a USA passport I was excited and jubilantas it was my passport, and for the feeling of care I have when my facebook friends from far away write and ask if I have found my passport or how my ankle is doing. I remember my mom having a pen pal in Japan when I was growing up and how she loved receiving and sending letters to someone she never met and I feel like my facebook friends that I have not met yet are like my pen pals with pictures. Thank you for spending this moment with me. Thank you for sharing your words and stories with me. ♥ :~)
An image of an original painting of a float home in Victoria, BC. The roof of this float how is made of copper it is a floating art piece.
Floating on the bay, flowing on the tides is what this cute copper topped float home does gracefully and grandly. My artistic husband Robert Cerins really caught the life in this float home. :~)

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