Affirmation, Gratitude and Making Love

Today’s Affirmation; I, Stephanie, (insert your name here if you like) am inspired to be kindhearted and caring today so that I am spreading the love the Universe created me from. I guess that is why humans are mostly created when people are “making love” as the connection of the heart, mind and spirit between us, is best when unconditional love is present. So when we make a new person, we are in a sense making love as the new person is going to be capable of exuding love! So I just realized that the term Making Love has just changed meanings for me. I feel I can make love in lots of my actions, by acting from the energy of unconditional love with an Attitude of Gratitude. Thank you for exuding love and gratitude today. Thank you for appreciating all you are today. I Love You!

Today I am grateful for Kirk Lyle Smith posting these lovely words about the sauerkraut I create for the rebuilding of our gut flora; “‘Heaven in a jar’! Stephanie Cerins makes the best sauerkraut/kimchi I’ve ever tasted. Her current blessing is Tumeric-garlic-cabbage. What an amazing crunchy, spicy combination that goes well with everything! Haven’t tried it with ice cream yet, but who knows. It really is the best. If my latest crock is half as good, I’ll be thrilled!”, for embracing the tried and trusted methods of our great, great, great grandmothers for creating health and wellness such as; the making and eating of sauerkraut, eating your vegetables, going to bed early, speaking your truth sweetly and being patient just as a start and for getting wiser with age, for me getting old is a privilege that I hope to explore for decades, as my father passed away at 39 every year since I have turned 39 has been a gift I have enjoyed more each year. Thank you for caring for your body temple today. Thank you for embracing your gifts. I Love You.  :~)

Kirk Lyle Smith took this photo of the sauerkraut he received from me. :~) Gratitude Dance.

an image of 500mls of sauerkraut and 1 litre of sauerkraut on a kitchen counter
Making sauerkraut inspires my heart, nourishes my gut and eases my mind. :~)

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